Vegan Food & Technology Connect



Emerald Business Systems latest MobileBytes install tackles Eugene’s premier vegan restaurants the Cornbread Cafe . The cozy 1950’s diner atmosphere, friendly staff and vegan comfort food are what make Cornbread Café stand out in the Eugene restaurant scene. Cornbread Café’ is known for trying to source as many local ingredients as possible, and they have a strict policy against using genetically engineered ingredients in their food.

Cornbread’s prior point of sale system was lacking in reliability, features and customers service which finally compounded enough that they knew moving away from it was the right decision.  We here at Mobilebytes TechEmerald proposed moving them to the MobileBytes cloud based point of sale system. With MobileBytes advanced feature set and ease of use we knew we could help the Cornbread Café grow their business while reducing overhead. Cornbread Café plans on using Mobilebytes fully integrated online ordering to market their food to an ever growing technology oriented customer base. They will also be using MobileBytes advanced reporting features to help reduce food & labor costs increasing their bottom line.

By getting the right technology in place we eliminated the headaches that their prior system created and allowed them to focus on providing their customers with the dinning experience they deserve. MobileBytes POS leverages power, convenience, and simplicity to create a Point-of-Sale system that works for you. POS software should provide a substantial return on your investment and we know it will for the Cornbread Café.