Heartland Restaurant

Heartland Restaurant POS

A Unified Cloud-Based POS Suite



Improve communication between employees and share accurate data across systems.



Gain insight into detailed reports to make better, more informed business decisions.



Access cutting-edge tools and features to simplify business management and boost sales.

Discover the Advantages of Cloud-Based POS

Heartland Restaurant POS Does It All

  • Cloud-Based POS: Leverage the power of innovative mobile cloud-based POS to streamline processes and allow your employees to work more efficiently and productively.
  • Seamless Integrations: Integrate your critical business solutions into your POS, like online ordering, delivery, loyalty programs, kitchen display, and more.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Gain anytime, anywhere access to detailed reports to make smarter, data-based decisions on inventory, labor, promotions, and pricing.

Heartland Restaurant POS Offers Endless Possibilities

Integrate All Your Mission-Critical Solutions for Streamlined Management

Cloud Management: Manage your restaurant at any time, from any location, with any internet-connected device.

Two tap tickets: Tap an item, tap checkout, and pay. Easily speed up transactions in a fast-paced environment.

Tableside ordering: Simplify and speed up the ordering process when servers take orders directly from the table.

Guest-facing display: Show guests a customer-friendly version of what cashiers are doing so they can stay informed.  

Advanced check splitting: Effortlessly split checks by seat or evenly among a group of up to nine customers at once.

Host waitlist: Keep track of all guests entering your business, and send text notifications when tables are ready.

Kitchen display: Automatically send orders from the POS to the kitchen and display them in order of priority.

Table maps: Organize your restaurant into sections based on your preferences with simple graphical layout tools.

Time & attendance: Leverage built-in employee time clock integration and management tools to keep track of labor.

Loyalty & gift cards: Encourage repeat business and gain valuable customer insights to boost profits and reach new customers.

EMV processing: Give guests a secure way to pay for orders and stay in compliance so that your business stays protected.

Delivery dispatch: Easily manage delivery operations, assign delivery drivers, and offer turn-by-turn GPS mapping.

Guest engagement app: Connect with loyal customers and offer conveniences while you greet and market to your guests via app.

Online ordering: Offer the convenience of ordering online or on a mobile device to boost revenue and satisfy customers.

Self-order kiosk: Allow guests to place their own orders while boosting accuracy and leveraging upselling prompts.

Failsafe features: Maintain security and control over your business data while minimizing downtime during outages.

Caller ID: Easily tell who is calling to place orders by integrating your phone into your customer database.

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