Oracle Hospitality Simphony Unquestionably the Best in Restaurant Point of Sale

Your Guests Will Enjoy the Benefits

Whether you are an independent restaurant or an international chain, full service, counter service, or a combination, Oracle Hospitality's Simphony Point of Sale system adapts to your way of doing business in ways no other system can. When security, data integrity, easy software deployment, and real-time business intelligence tops your list of POS requirements, Oracle Hospitality is your solution.

  • Restaurant View screen that provides a realistic floor plan with up-to-the-minute oversight of current operations
  • Color-coded icons to monitor table status indicating which guests need attention
  • MICROS Kitchen Display System (KDS) displays real-time information for managing order preparation
  • Integrated pagers to track current activity to ensure that guests are seated promptly, orders are served quickly, and managers are alerted to potential bottle-neck issues in the operation
  • Integrated MICROS Kiosk solution that reduces labor costs and improves customer service through interactive order entry

Your Staff Will Appreciate It

  • An enhanced graphical user interface that is easy to learn and easy to use
  • Superior touchscreen technology with a range of user-friendly features
  • Screen layouts that are easily customized to fit the current operation
  • Real-time training options that walk new employees through the ordering process, training prompts and graphical teaching aids

Flexible in Your Restaurant and Across the Globe

  • Adapts to a mixed service environment (e.g., Tables Service Restaurant and Delivery or Curb-side Service)
  • Scalable from small, single-terminal sites to multi revenue center operations
  • Provides multi-language support, including double-byte characters
  • Supports multiple currencies, including the EURO
  • Adjusts to country-specific tax systems, including the complex tax jurisdictions used in all U.S. municipalities and throughout the international community

React  Faster with Cloud  Reporting & Back Office Tools that Address Your Operations Efficiency and Profitability

  • Adapts to the way you run your business
  • Provides the information you need to efficiently manage your business and improve your bottom line
  • Uses cloud technology to put a wealth of information at your fingertips for reporting and analysis
  • Ensures that secure data is available when needed, both at the restaurant-level and at the regional and corporate levels

Immediate Visibility into Profit Impacting Situations

  • Discreetly monitors essential operational and situational issues such as long ticket times, VIP arrivals, and employees approaching overtime
  • Increased loss prevention monitoring such as voids, no sales, and zero balance transactions, through key indicators

Open Architecture That Grows With Your Needs

  • Accelerate deployment and cost savings using Simphony cloud
  • Choose the operating system that works best for you. Oracle Hospitality offers both Linux and Windows based workstations for easy deployment
  • Provides high performance and flexibility, easily integrating with OPOS (and UPOS) compliant peripheral hardware including printers, cash drawers, scales, pole displays, coin dispensers and more!
  • System grows as your operation grows, allowing you to add workstations, new stores, and applications seamlessly
  • Easily integrate the best in business digital, mobile payment, ordering, aggregators, and loyalty partners
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