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November 22, 2017

MasterCard Series 2 Are You Ready?


MasterCard Releases Series 2.

In January of this year MasterCard Brand announced they had run out of card numbers. To resolve the issue, they added a new Bin Series starting with a “2”. They had advised merchants that accept MasterCard to insure their Payment System is ready to accept the new cards by June 2017.MasterCard Bin 2

Are You Ready For Series 2..

You may be thinking MasterCard adding a new “2” series card does not affect me. Well, it might affect you more than you think. If you are a merchants who has a newer stand-alone Payment Terminal, you are probably fine. Merchants that have integrated credit card processing with their POS system might have an issue. Many Point of Sale programs need to be updated in order to accept series 2 cards. Again, for merchants who have kept their POS Systems current, this might be a no or low cost system update. For those that have not updated their POS in some time, the cost will be more substantial as to a current version of software will be needed, which may have its own requirements that may include hardware replacement, an updated License, and installation labor.

Fees & Penalties for non-compliance with MasterCard Bin 2 Series…


  • Mastercard transactions for cards beginning with a 2 will be declined when ran. Not being able to accept these new 2 series cards could potential cost you money and customers.
  • If your software is not updated before the deadline, you will fall into a status of non-compliance. Non-compliant is defined as any attempted and failed transaction that is confirmed as failed due to a merchant’s lack of readiness to support 2-Series BIN cards.
    • $2,500 per occurrence in the first 30 days.
    • Escalating up to $10,000 in the next 60 days.
    • Up to $20,000 per occurrence for the subsequent violations.


November 7, 2017

Vegan Food & Technology Connect



Emerald Business Systems latest MobileBytes install tackles Eugene’s premier vegan restaurants the Cornbread Cafe . The cozy 1950’s diner atmosphere, friendly staff and vegan comfort food are what make Cornbread Café stand out in the Eugene restaurant scene. Cornbread Café’ is known for trying to source as many local ingredients as possible, and they have a strict policy against using genetically engineered ingredients in their food.

Cornbread’s prior point of sale system was lacking in reliability, features and customers service which finally compounded enough that they knew moving away from it was the right decision.  We here at Mobilebytes TechEmerald proposed moving them to the MobileBytes cloud based point of sale system. With MobileBytes advanced feature set and ease of use we knew we could help the Cornbread Café grow their business while reducing overhead. Cornbread Café plans on using Mobilebytes fully integrated online ordering to market their food to an ever growing technology oriented customer base. They will also be using MobileBytes advanced reporting features to help reduce food & labor costs increasing their bottom line.

By getting the right technology in place we eliminated the headaches that their prior system created and allowed them to focus on providing their customers with the dinning experience they deserve. MobileBytes POS leverages power, convenience, and simplicity to create a Point-of-Sale system that works for you. POS software should provide a substantial return on your investment and we know it will for the Cornbread Café.

September 1, 2017

Emerald Business Systems at RSPA 2017



RSPA Speaker Pic

The Emerald sales team just got back from RSPA RetailNOW 2017 in sunny Las Vegas Nevada. RSPA is always enjoyable as it allows us at Emerald Business Systems to connect with fellow dealers, industry partners and form new relationships with companies that can enhance & strengthen the core services and systems that we provide to you our customers. We have come back from the show refreshed and encouraged about the new technologies that were shown. These new technologies were focused on substantially improving the customer order flow and enhancing the dining experience. These technologies will allow us to provide new solutions that will cut labor costs and increase revenue.


MobileBytes Kiosk

MobileBytes Self Service Kiosk

One Major highlight for us was the MobileBytes Self-Order Kiosk app. The deceptively simple kiosk software prompts customers through the ordering process with ease. The customer is able to pay via credit card right on the kiosk or notify the cashier that a cash payment is due at the front counter.  Kiosk’s are a way of cutting labor costs and enhancing your customers order experience by reducing lines and making their order process an interactive experience.

“At the end of the day, we’re bringing powerful technology to restaurants of any size, and helping them improve their bottom lines,” says Dan Calderone, MobileBytes CEO. “You don’t have to be a large, national chain to be able to afford the benefits of kiosk ordering.”



Payment Logistics Logo



                       Pay-At-TableEMV Readers

Cutting edge pay-at-the-table solution that adds tremendous value and enhances your customers dining experience

*Integrates with Micros, MobilBytes & Restaurant Manger.

*Supports table splits, split checks and multiple tender types including cash payments on your phone

*Tip handling covers mandatory gratuity, additional gratuity and gratuity on splits

For more information on Payment Logistics Pay-At-Table solution check out their website at https://paymentlogistics.com/



Decreasing order times and pay at the table technologies were big focuses of RSPA this year. We will have a lot of new technology on our demo floor to show you so feel free to stop by the office so we can demonstrate how these new technologies can enhance your restaurant, add to the bottom line and cut costs.

October 5, 2016

Hybrid At The Riviera

Our latest surveillance installation at the Riviera Coin Laundry was able to take advantage of the Hybrid DVR/NVR Technology we offer.  Vandals broke into his coin Laundry  and destroyed his outdated video surveillance system along with damaging several other important pieces of equipment used in his daily operations.  He asked us to come take a look to see what we could do to get his surveillance system up and running again quickly.  It turns out the Riviera Coin Laundry was the perfect fit for our Hybrid DVR/NVR technology.  We were able to replace his old DVR with a Hybrid DVR/NVR which allowed him to continue to use all of his existing analog cameras that were already in place.  Even though we used all his existing analog cameras he now has the ability to add network cameras to his system when the need arises to replace his aging analog cameras.  We were able to provide him with cost savings and update him to the latest technology by using a Hybrid DVR/NVR.dvr-nvr


July 27, 2016

Online Ordering (Part 1)

Looking for a way to increase business for your restaurant(s)? If you accept takeout, phone in, or delivery orders and aren’t taking online orders, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. This is part one of a 3 part article where we will discuss online ordering in the restaurant market place. In this article we will cover 4 major benefits of general online ordering. In part 2 we will take a closer look at some of the different pricing models and options out there. Finally in part 3 we will look at fully integrated, semi integrated and non-integrated online ordering solutions and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Online Ordering With Restaurant Manager ASI

Let’s dive into the nitty gritty then shall we? Here are 4 ways that online ordering can improve a restaurant’s revenue and profit. Receiving an online order in place of a phone order lessens the burden on restaurant staff. Order accuracy is significantly improved with online orders. A good online ordering experience can increase the frequency of guest orders. Finally, average orders are larger when placed online.

Keep your staff off the phone

I would consider myself fairly quick when it comes to placing an order on the phone. I research the menu ahead of time and write down what I am going to order (along with any modifications or choices) in the order I am going to order it. I know it’s odd… but it’s how I operate. Then when I call, I run through the list and typically provide the answers to any questions (such as what side I want) before the operator has to ask. Even so, when I call in for pizza delivery I still have to give my full name, address, place my full order, read off my credit card number (always hate doing that), wait for it to authorize and finally wait for the operator to look around and quote me an estimated delivery time. This whole process ties up a restaurant employee for a minimum of a few minutes and certainly much longer for a patron less prepared than I. But there’s no way around it (or is there?). Also, it’s distracting. That employee can’t just sit there and answer the phone so they must be assigned to another task at the same time. If that other task is making a pizza, well then that pizza is getting delayed by 3+ minutes every time an order comes through. If they are working the register then that person in line is going to have to wait a few minutes while the phone order is entered. If the person on the phone was out bussing tables then that 3+ minutes is now 5+ as they walk to the phone and walk back to pick up what they were doing.

Online Ordering With MobileBytes

When I place an order online that employee experiences much less of a distraction and has a lot less to do. The kitchen can start making the order and the cashier can wait until there are no customers in line to enter it into the POS. Better yet, if the online ordering solution is integrated it is already entered in the POS and just needs to be tendered when complete!

Improve order accuracy

So beyond the use of restaurant staff resources, there’s also the element of human error. Whether the patron placing the order words something incorrectly or the operator entering the order doesn’t hear something, the occasional mistake will inevitably be made.

When an order is placed via online ordering, the number these mistakes are significantly reduced. Things like language barrier, bad cell reception and poorly worded orders from the patron are completely eliminated. This results in happier customers and much less food waste.

Check out Jimmy Johns online ordering page for a great example (screenshot below).

Online Ordering Example

Increase order frequency

A couple years ago a Jimmy Johns opened about 10 blocks from our office here in Eugene. A couple months later our office placed our first order from them. We had a conference call that day that the entire office was participating and of course it was scheduled right through lunch. During that call, I searched “delivery near me” on my phone and found Jimmy Johns. From there we were able to silently pass a note around the conference room table, all bring up JJ’s menu on our devices, place an online order and have it delivered without saying a word or interrupting the conference call in any way.

For me, this was when it really hit me how much online ordering (especially paired with delivery) can stick a customer. Sure I had done that with pizza many times, but why only pizza. I have pizza because of online ordering and delivery way more than I would otherwise. And now I have Jimmy Johns way more often for the same reason. Sure the sandwiches are fine, but it’s the convenience on the days when I just can’t leave my desk that gets me.

Increase average order

Online ordering can do wonders for increasing a restaurant’s average ticket for takeout and delivery orders.

Upselling is always a great tactic for increasing the average ticket but it’s proven significantly more effective through online ordering. This is for several reasons. When prompted for an up-sale over the phone, the customer is giving little time to ponder the decision and typically decline by default. When prompted via placing a web order there are no time constraints and that customer can really look and think about that additional item or upgrade. They can also be presented with images which as we all know can go a huge way toward selling to a hungry customer. Finally, some of the better solutions out there allow you to configure the user experience so certain complimentary items are upsold based on other items already ordered or customer history.


These 4 factors all combine to make online ordering a must have for any counter service or delivery restaurant in 2016. Check back next week when I will discuss some of the benefits of an online ordering solution that integrates with point of sale and the different levels of integration.

July 8, 2016

An Affordable Surveillance Upgrade

Replacing an old surveillance system can be a costly ordeal. When upgrading from an analog system to a modern, hi-def solution you have to replace the DVR unit / PC, run new cables, replace all the cameras, and pay for somebody to do all of the above. While there is no doubt in my mind it is worth the cost, a budget is a budget and if the money isn’t there it ain’t happenin’. Luckily, there are solutions out there for an affordable surveillance upgrade.

Affordable Surveillance Solution

Affordable Surveillance Solution

For the uninitiated, a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) takes a signal from analog cameras and converts them into a digital signal that can be recorded to a hard drive. A NVR (Network Video Recorder) takes input from digital cameras via a TCP/IP network and records it to a hard drive. While analog cameras have a definitive max resolution well below “hi definition,” the network video architecture allows for extremely high resolution cameras to be used. These hi-def cameras can produce video in resolutions as high as 4096 x 2160 (hi def television is 1024 x 768) allowing for crystal clear images and the ability to zoom while retaining visibility.

When installing a brand new hi-def camera systems just doesn’t fit into the budget though, a hybrid DVR/NVR solution might just be the perfect fit. A hybrid solution allows existing analog cameras to be used on a new NVR capable of utilizing the hi-def cameras. This prevents the need to run new cables to existing cameras and allows these existing cameras to be replaced over time. This spreads out the cost without cutting the number of cameras in the system. New hi-def cameras can be rolled out as replacements or in addition to existing analog cameras.

Shooters Pub purchased a analog DVR from us over 5 years ago. The system worked great and they loved it but when they were in our office purchasing supplies, they noticed some hi-def cameras on our demo floor. We worked with them to create a hybrid solution so they could utilize the hi-def cameras in a couple places where they needed better coverage. Choosing the hybrid solution kept the price down and helped them retain their existing coverage without replacing everything all at once. Our service technician Garry finished installing their hybrid system just last week!


June 30, 2016

Cloud Point of Sale at Mothers Juice


For years, on premise point of sale with a server on-site has been the answer. For many concepts it still is. On-site point of sale systems like the Oracle Micros 3700 and ASI’s Restaurant Manager are extremely rich and stable. They’re also sold, configured and installed by a local office thereby providing better and more readily available support. Cloud based point of sale systems are improving though, and are definitely cementing their place in certain markets where they fit.

Cloud point of sale at the newly remodeled Mother's Eastside location

Mother’s Juice Cafe has been a fixture in Bend, Oregon for years. When they decided to open their 3rd location, they had a decision to make: Purchase another on-premise POS solution and run 3 disparate systems or move to something with central management in the cloud. I sat with the owner, Mike, back in late April to discuss the pros and cons of both options.

With on-premise point of sale, there’s no dependency on the internet which leads increased stability. The system is also purchased outright with no monthly fees for hosting. There’s also the increased functionality and stability that comes with a system that has been developed and built over 15+ years. But in this case, those things weren’t as important. Sure it’s nice to own the system with no monthly fees, but the additional up front cost counteracts that. And for Mike, those additional features and functions just weren’t the ones that he needed for his business.

Cloud point of sale on the counter

That brought us to cloud based options. The option we settled on was MobileBytes tablet point of sale system. It solved several issues. First of all, the up front cost was much less of a barrier. MobileBytes runs on iPads which he purchased himself. We provided peripherals like printers, cash drawers, iPad enclosures, networking devices and mounts. They also saved a good amount on the up-front labor by having managers sit in on a training meeting and then programming the majority of their own menu. The second huge benefit of the cloud based point of sale for Mother’s is the ability to manage the enterprise from anywhere. They can add a menu item once, and push it down to any or all the stores with just a couple clicks. The reporting consolidates these to a single item so they can see enterprise wide sales of menu items etc. without having to add numbers from disparate point of sale systems.

We also helped Mike address some of the drawbacks of a cloud based point of sale solution. The offline capabilities offered by MobileBytes are unmatched in the cloud point of sale world. A loss of internet doesn’t cripple the system like it would with most other cloud solutions. The fragile nature of running on consumer grade hardware (iPads) was also a concern for Mike. Our iPad enclosures and stands are all heavy duty, metal, and offer a lifetime guarantee. The magnetic card reader (used for credit cards) for iPad systems uses the audio jack on the iPad. Anybody that uses headphones regularly will know how fragile these ports are, so our enclosures pin that card reader against the unit and keep it firmly bolted in place. Last, but certainly not least, is the local installation and support. Other cloud based offerings are just purchased via a website and not tailored specifically to each restaurant. Support is offered via email or phone only and is typically routed to a single call center somewhere in the US (at best). Mike has met my staff in person and we all know his system and his business. He knows he can count on us 24/7/365 for support, programming help, or on-site service.

Cloud point of sale, Mother's menu

All in all, I worked with Mike to make sure his decision to move to cloud based point of sale was the right one. From there, implementations specialist Andrew worked with Mike and his general manager to configure the system, train their staff, and make sure that the transition was a smooth one.

If you’re in Bend, be sure to check out Mothers Juice Cafe at either of their locations (location 3 coming soon!) for a great healthy breakfast or lunch!


June 22, 2016

Falling Sky Pizzeria Opens

Falling Sky Pizzeria

They must be doing something right! Falling Sky opened their 3rd restaurant and public house this week in the basement of the EMU on the U of O campus. Almost a year ago, Rob Cohen with Falling Sky came to me and told me that they had won the bid to open another location in this space. He has the Oracle Micros e7 at the other two locations and loves the stability and simplicity of the product. The Pizzeria was a new concept though so we wanted to make sure to explore the options and make sure we found the right fit.

Front Doors

After looking at the requirements on the software side, we settled on the Oracle Micros 3700. The features that pushed us to that product were the pizza ordering module (and reporting) and the kitchen display capabilities. We spent a significant amount of time discussing how a pizza concept is such a challenge in Point of Sale because of the half and halves, different crusts, sizes, toppings, sauces and the amount of menu customization that the patrons expect.

Counter Stations

Our implementation specialist Kevin Schulman handled the project. Fresh off the heels of his installation for the Stone Fire pizza concept at LCC, we thought he would be best suited. Kevin installed 3 workstations at the counter, where customers form a single line and go to whichever register is open next (like at Jerry’s Home Improvement). Another workstation serves as an order entry point for the bartender to add additional rounds to open tabs.


Two (soon to be 3) kitchen display systems (KDS) serve as the order output in the kitchen. This allows them to see reports of how long a ticket takes from being sent to the kitchen until completion. The KDS also allows them to color code their items, so a priced modification shows in red, salads show in green etc. The KDS monitors are wall mounted so they are up and out of the way, with a wireless keypad used to indicate when orders are complete.

~ ebs-Andy

Check out their menu here and go try one of Falling Sky’s delicious “farm to pie” pizzas!
June 17, 2016

Emerald (EBS) Launches New Website

Emerald Business Systems new informational website!

It’s been over 5 years since we last revamped the Emerald Business Systems website. Of course there has been the occasional update, but this time we’ve completely kicked the old layout and objective out the window. Before we focused marketing only. While we are still providing marketing and product information specific to EBS, we are also shifting toward providing information on the entire hospitality and retail technology spectrum. We hope you’ll bookmark us and check back regularly to find out about new technologies, solutions and requirements in the retail and hospitality industry. We will also provide you with plenty of information and examples of how others in your industry are using technology to improve and grow their businesses. So there it is, and here we go:


It’s amazing how much has changed in just the 5 years since the page was built. Technology years are like dog years in that way, where so much can change in so little time. Here’s what’s been going on at EBS in those five years:

Emerald Business Systems by the numbers since 2011:

New Customers: 265

New Installations: 161

New Restaurant Installations: 93

New Retail Installations: 43

New Surveillance Installations: 25

New Cash Registers: 123

Emerald Business Systems highlights since 2011:

Since we built the last iteration of our webpage we have grown our installation base, solution offerings, and product knowledge. We have added 2 additional implementation / programming  specialists and an additional implementations consultant. We have added 2 new restaurant products, 1 of which is a mobile iPad solution and both offer integrated online ordering. We have added a new hi-resolution surveillance system and a new, more advanced retail product. We also have expanded our hardware offerings in both directions, now offering workstations with larger touchscreens and smaller mobile devices than we have ever carried before.

Emerald Business Systems, EBS, iPad Solution
In that same time period, we have taken over all of the food service on the U of O campus (Housing and the EMU, including the new Falling Sky Pizzeria in the basement) with the Micros 3700 system. We installed a 80+ terminal system at the Matthew Knight Arena. We installed a retail solution at 11 stores for Goodwill of Lane & South Coast Counties (including their new stores in Brookings and Anchorage). We also installed 9 Micros 3700 systems for Howling Coyote Inc., a franchisee of Taco Time and Arby’s. Just last year we converted Seven Feathers Casino to the new Micros Simphony product, converting their 50 terminal system over with minimal down time.

Andrew Scheidl with Snowy Owl Design deserves a huge amount of credit for configuring the back end of the website and training us to add content and configure the pages going forward. There’s no way this project would have been completed without his help. I would strongly recommend his services to anybody else who is creating or redesigning their website for their business.

~ ebs-Andy