Emerald (EBS) Launches New Website

Emerald Business Systems new informational website!

It’s been over 5 years since we last revamped the Emerald Business Systems website. Of course there has been the occasional update, but this time we’ve completely kicked the old layout and objective out the window. Before we focused marketing only. While we are still providing marketing and product information specific to EBS, we are also shifting toward providing information on the entire hospitality and retail technology spectrum. We hope you’ll bookmark us and check back regularly to find out about new technologies, solutions and requirements in the retail and hospitality industry. We will also provide you with plenty of information and examples of how others in your industry are using technology to improve and grow their businesses. So there it is, and here we go:


It’s amazing how much has changed in just the 5 years since the page was built. Technology years are like dog years in that way, where so much can change in so little time. Here’s what’s been going on at EBS in those five years:

Emerald Business Systems by the numbers since 2011:

New Customers: 265

New Installations: 161

New Restaurant Installations: 93

New Retail Installations: 43

New Surveillance Installations: 25

New Cash Registers: 123

Emerald Business Systems highlights since 2011:

Since we built the last iteration of our webpage we have grown our installation base, solution offerings, and product knowledge. We have added 2 additional implementation / programming  specialists and an additional implementations consultant. We have added 2 new restaurant products, 1 of which is a mobile iPad solution and both offer integrated online ordering. We have added a new hi-resolution surveillance system and a new, more advanced retail product. We also have expanded our hardware offerings in both directions, now offering workstations with larger touchscreens and smaller mobile devices than we have ever carried before.

Emerald Business Systems, EBS, iPad Solution
In that same time period, we have taken over all of the food service on the U of O campus (Housing and the EMU, including the new Falling Sky Pizzeria in the basement) with the Micros 3700 system. We installed a 80+ terminal system at the Matthew Knight Arena. We installed a retail solution at 11 stores for Goodwill of Lane & South Coast Counties (including their new stores in Brookings and Anchorage). We also installed 9 Micros 3700 systems for Howling Coyote Inc., a franchisee of Taco Time and Arby’s. Just last year we converted Seven Feathers Casino to the new Micros Simphony product, converting their 50 terminal system over with minimal down time.

Andrew Scheidl with Snowy Owl Design deserves a huge amount of credit for configuring the back end of the website and training us to add content and configure the pages going forward. There’s no way this project would have been completed without his help. I would strongly recommend his services to anybody else who is creating or redesigning their website for their business.

~ ebs-Andy