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It’s all about getting through the line and getting food out quickly and accurately when it comes to quick service. Whether it’s drive-thru, take-out, dine-in or even delivery, having the proper technology can do wonders to reduce costs, increase guest satisfaction, and ultimately increase profits.


With minimum wage on the rapid rise, labor cost is becoming even more of a concern. We can provide you the tools needed to address this:

Labor Reporting: Save money by using labor management tools. View labor to sales ratios in real time on-site or MBLabor1remotely via smart phone apps and browser based reporting. View aggregated data for sales, labor dollars, labor hours and labor percentage by hour so you can make sure you are scheduling your employees properly throughout the day.

Labor Management and Security: With our surveillance system integration, search the word “clock” and view each time an employee punches in or out to make sure it’s them. Even take a picture at each time clock entry with our MobileBytes iPad solution. Force your employees to adhere to the schedule by integrating with a labor management system like Hot Schedules or Time Forge.

Kiosks: Keep your employees making food and beverages and minimize their time taking orders by implementing a self-service kiosk. Easy to use screens, voice instructions and images of your product all provide a self-service experience that your customers will love. We can even suggest upcharges along the way to help increase your average ticket total.


Did you know that on average, customers who are members of a loyalty program spend twice as much, visit 4 times more, and refer 2-4 friends per month! Give your customers an app they can use to track their loyalty progress. Lookup customers by phone number, name, or customer number (barcode) and do away with those old cardboard punch cards. Drive sales by encouraging your best customers to visit more often.

GiftCardsGift Cards

Bring in new customers by providing the ability to purchase and track gift cards. Use gift cards across multiple locations or a single site. Do away with the old (and difficult control) hand written gift certificates and start processing gift cards through a point of sale solution. If you aren’t selling gift cards right now, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to bring in new customers and increase revenue.

Control Pricing

You know how much product you go through because you sign the check to the vendor each week, but do you know how much you sell? Most people think “yes” but without a quality point of sale solution that is properly configured it’s impossible to know for sure. Unless you are the only one processing every transaction that is.

We configure your system so that you make sure to maintain your target margins. How often do your customers add avocado or extra cheese? If your staff forgets, or purposefully doesn’t charge for that it can add up quickly. Our systems can force the operators through the steps to add these upcharges and even encourage upsales along the way. This helps you increase your average ticket.

Implementing beverage control will force your staff to select a drink for each customer on the ticket (or choose “no drink” / “water” if they didn’t order a drink). This helps your staff remember to ring in those beverages that they pour for your customers. A couple of drinks a day can really add up!

MBReportsSave on Paper and Supplies

Go paperless by giving your guests the ability to email themselves receipts. Do away with kitchen order printers and do a display instead. Thermal paper, bonded paper and ribbons can add up and most people don’t care for a receipt these days anyway. Lower costs by reducing the need for these supplies.

MBReportsReporting & Analytics

The data collected by the point of sale is invaluable to any restaurant. Most point of sale systems just present that data in reports such as menu item sales, cash turn-in, total sales and if your lucky, sales by hour Our solutions go much further, manipulating that data into truly actionable information. Seeing sales by hour is a great tool for scheduling employees but how much work would it take you to look at your sales by hour for just Fridays over the past 52 months? How about just during college football games last season or when there are events at the theater across the street?

Think about the data you get on your employees and their sales: Some point of sale systems can show you sales by employee. Others might even go as far as to show how many of each menu item those employees are selling. This might give some information as to who is performing better or worse than others. The problem is that when you confront an under-performing employee with that information they will likely reply with “that’s because they get the good shifts,” “they always work the register.” Our tools use all the data to provide information on why the more successful staff members are seeing that success. For example, are your top 3 performers selling more “add avocado” than the others? It also shows the estimated lost revenue from under-performing staff members and more importantly their estimated lost gratuity. This gives you exactly what you need to coach the under-performing staff member (“Focus on upselling avocado at the register”) and most importantly motivate those staff members to succeed (“If you even just bumped your upsales up to the average, you would be taking home $10.00 more in gratuity per day!”).

Having the data is only half the battle. Sure, every restaurant needs to know how much of each item they are selling and needs their sales to balance the books. We have solutions to take it a step further and give you information that can help you drive your revenue through the roof.

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