Whether it be delivery, carry-out, phone-in orders, online orders, half & halves, or crust types, fitting the pizza model into the structure of a point of sale solution can be a real challenge. It is that challenge though that just further emphasizes the need for that exact structure. If it is a challenge to get a computer solution to keep it straight, how tough must it be for the cashiers to keep it straight? It can add up quickly if an employee under charges for a topping, or substitutes a cheaper topping for a more expensive one. The patron will correct your cashiers if they are overcharged, but I bet it doesn’t always get mentioned when they get something for free, or cheaper than it should be.

Our solutions can solve problems that a lot of pizza outlets run into which will directly translate into cost savings and greater earnings. The ROI for a good point of sale solution in the pizza industry can be higher than for any other vertical in the restaurant industry. Here’s how we can help:

Control Pricingpizza2

One of the biggest challenges for pizza without a good point of sale is the accuracy of pricing. Half & half pizzas, different crusts, sizes, topping substitutions and a number of other factors contribute to the complication.

Our solutions offer the pizza matrix capability that will allow these factors to all be accounted for and priced correctly which in turn will increase revenue. Our expert programming and training will assure that this backbone is entered correctly to allow for a smooth and easy to use interface for your operators out front. Your guests will get through the line more quickly and you can relax knowing that if an order goes back to the kitchen the price is always correct.


With minimum wage on the rapid rise, labor cost is becoming even more of a concern. We can provide you the tools needed to address this and lower your labor cost.
Labor Reporting: Save money by using labor management tools. View labor to sales ratios in real time on-site or remotely via smart phone apps and browser based reporting. View aggregated data for sales, labor dollars, labor hours and labor percentage by hour so you can make sure you are scheduling your employees properly throughout the day.
Labor Management and Security: With our surveillance system integration, search the word “clock” and view each time an employee punches in or out to make sure it’s them. Even take a picture at each time clock entry with our MobileBytes iPad solution. Go one step further by forcing your employees to adhere to the schedule by integrating with a labor management system like Hot Schedules or Time Forge.

More Customer Visits = More Revenue

Did you know that on average, customers who are members of a loyalty program spend twice as much, visit 4 times more, and refer 2-4 friends per month! Give your customers an app they can use to track their loyalty progress. Lookup customers by phone number, name, or customer number (barcode) and do away with those old cardboard punch cards. Drive sales by encouraging your best customers to visit more often and encourage those customers to refer their friends.

Gift CardsGiftCards

Bring in new customers by providing the ability to purchase and track gift cards. Use gift cards across multiple locations or a single site. Do away with the old (and difficult to control) hand written gift certificates and start processing gift cards through a point of sale solution. Bringing in new customers will always increase your revenue.

Save on Paper

Lower your costs by going paperless. Give your guests the ability to email themselves receipts. Do away with kitchen order and expo printers and do a display instead. Thermal paper, bonded paper and ribbons can add up and most people don’t care for a receipt these days anyways.


Reporting is where you can see all of the information your POS solution gathers presented in a useful and actionable way. At least it should be. What information are you getting? How much time do you and your staff spend on a calculator each day? Do you judge what sold in your restaurant based on what product was used?
At EBS, we take a huge amount of pride in our ability to provide our clients useful and actionable information from our solutions. Not only that, but we deliver it to you so you don’t have to work to find it. Preview your reports directly on the POS screen, print them off the receipt printer, print them in full page on your office printer, view them from anywhere via a web browser, check them via a smart phone app, receive them emailed nightly/weekly/monthly, and export them to any number of formats. We save you time by giving you the data you need however you want to receive it.
Now when it comes to pizza, there are some very specific reporting challenges that we have addressed:
Question: How many of my Combination Specialty pizza am I selling?
Our custom Specialty Pizza Report will give you a count and sales total for every specialty pizza you sell regardless size and crust type back as far as 999 days. If you care to see how many at each size you can view that as well in the detail. This report can help you increase revenue and lower costs by quickly and accurately identifying your best and worst selling pizzas.
Question: How often do people add pepperoni to a pizza? How often do they ask for no mushrooms?
Toppings constitute a good portion of the cost when building a pizza. It’s important to know exactly how much of each topping is selling. Judging sales based on how much product is ordered is not very accurate. Remember that you can re-order product because it was sold, wasted or stolen. Use our custom Topping Sales report to eliminate the last two and lower your costs.
Question: How much dough should I make this morning?
Our custom Skin Count report will tell your opening cooks how much dough was used yesterday based on the different size pizzas sold. Reduce your costs by using this accurate information to prepare the right amount of dough every morning and reduce waste.
These are just a couple examples of pizza specific reports that we have created by request for our customers. These are available along with a host of sales, labor, customer and balancing reports we can offer. Feel free to stop by our office or email us to request samples of any reports you’re looking for.


A delivery module can help you make sure your drivers and order takers and staying within your delivery zone. It can also text turn by turn directions to your drivers and track how long it takes them to deliver their orders. Interfacing with a caller ID box allows you to bring the customer up automatically including their address, loyalty account and previous orders. A good delivery module can help save you time and money in the order taking and delivery process.

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