MasterCard Series 2 Are You Ready?

MasterCard Releases Series 2. In January of this year MasterCard Brand announced they had run out of card numbers. To resolve the issue, they added a new Bin Series starting with a “2”. They had advised merchants that accept MasterCard to insure their Payment System is ready to accept the new cards by June 2017. Are You Ready For Series 2.. You may be thinking MasterCard … Read More

Vegan Food & Technology Connect

  Emerald Business Systems latest MobileBytes install tackles Eugene’s premier vegan restaurants the Cornbread Cafe . The cozy 1950’s diner atmosphere, friendly staff and vegan comfort food are what make Cornbread Café stand out in the Eugene restaurant scene. Cornbread Café’ is known for trying to source as many local ingredients as possible, and they have a strict policy against using genetically … Read More