Hi-Definition Surveillance

Hikvision Cameras

Cutting Edge Technology

Our range of 1080p HD security cameras provide you with high resolution and true Infrared for low lux level scenarios. Our Cameras are available in various styles, lenses and Megapixel options. User-friendly recording and post-event playback are easy when paired with a high quality NVR. (network video recorder) Emerald’s HD security Surveillance Systems provide you with incredible quality surveillance footage. The true 1080p resolution enables you to zoom into small elements on screen and still maintaining video integrity. We also carry an excellent range of analog DVR’s (digital video recorder) at a slightly lower cost.

Hybrid NVR

Our Hybrid NVR’s allow you to integrate analog cameras with digital cameras. These Hybrid NVR’s give you the capability to expand your surveillance system with modern Hi Definition IP cameras, without replacing your entire system. This solution saves substantial costs by using your existing cameras and only replacing them with IP cameras as your budget allows.


Access Your Video From Smart Phone, Tablet, Mac, or PC

Our HD NVR’s & DVR’s all have remote viewing capabilities. This feature allows you to view live video on your phone, laptop or PC from anywhere in the world with internet access. Remote access gives you the peace of mind that business is operating smoothly whether you’re there or not.

POS Integration Providing a Unified Security Platform for Loss Prevention

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Monitor video footage that is tied to POS transactions to rapidly detect suspicious transactions and possible fraud. Easily search the recorded transactions using keywords such as No Sale, Void or Gift Card Sale to detect employee theft.

Fish Eye ImageFisheye Cameras With De-Warping Technology

Using the latest technology you can capture images from every corner of a particular location and eliminate blind spots with a single camera. Fish eye Cameras offer several technological benefits including a wider area of coverage with no blind spots, fewer cameras and infrastructure required to monitor your business, retrospective tracking and total situational awareness. Using fisheye cameras with de-warping technology can enhance your security while providing cost savings.

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