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Speed and loss prevention are king in the bar and nightclub environment. Huge percentages of revenue are made during small windows of peak business. Increasing speed and accuracy during these periods can go a huge way toward improving revenue and profits. Quality loss prevention tools and training via both a point of sale and integrated surveillance system can also help keep costs down.

Speed of Service (Without Sacrificing Accuracy)

Let’s face it. When the bar is packed on a busy Friday or Saturday night, the priority is getting drinks over the counter as fast as possible without jeopardizing accuracy. We help accomplish that in several ways.

First of all, we customize your screens to minimize button presses and maximize efficiency. Most point of sale systems employ a “one size fits all” screen layout with a large portion of the screen dedicated to the check detail and a separate pay screen. This might work for some, but most bartenders prefer to have as many buttons on the screen as possible. A “beer cash” transaction should be exactly that: A press of the beer key and a press of the cash key. It shouldn’t be: Sign in (4-8 digit code), beer screen key, scroll down to correct beer, beer key, pay screen key, cash key. It may only seem like a few seconds, but it adds up quickly.

Reducing keystrokes for ordering is only part of the equation. Starting, closing and switching tabs can also present a time consuming challenge on most POS systems. We offer solutions with quick tab functionality making it quick and easy for bartenders to find tabs and switch between them. Keep your bartenders pouring drinks and off the point of sale to increase your revenue during those peak hours!

Loss PreventionText overlay

Whenever alcohol is involved, there is always an increased risk for loss. A good quality, properly configured point of sale can do a lot to help out. Assuring that items are being entered at the correct price, happy hour is only honored at the correct time, and getting reports to verify that product isn’t walking out the door all help reduce theft and waste.

Knowing is only half the battle though. It’s one thing to know that there is loss, but it’s another to be able to identify and eliminate the source of that loss. This is where a quality, integrated surveillance system comes into play. Our surveillance systems integrate with our point of sale products with a technology called text insertion. Text insertion allows you to see the activity from the point of sale imposed over the top of your high definition camera feed. This prevents “sweet hearting” (where somebody rings up a pint and actually pours a pitcher for a friend as an example.). It also prevents the operators from not ringing in the item altogether, or voiding something that shouldn’t actually be voided. Preventing all these different types of loss is a key factor in improving profit margins.


With minimum wage on the rapid rise, labor cost is becoming even more of a concern. We can provide you the tools needed to address this and lower your labor cost.
Labor Reporting: Save money by using labor management tools. View labor to sales ratios in real time on-site or remotely via smart phone apps and browser based reporting. View aggregated data for sales, labor dollars, labor hours and labor percentage by hour so you can make sure you are scheduling your employees properly throughout the day.
Labor Management and Security: With our surveillance system integration, search the word “clock” and view each time an employee punches in or out to make sure it’s them. Even take a picture at each time clock entry with our MobileBytes iPad solution. Go one step further by forcing your employees to adhere to the schedule by integrating with a labor management system like Hot Schedules or Time Forge.

More Customer Visits = More Revenue

Did you know that on average, customers who are members of a loyalty program spend twice as much, visit 4 times more, and refer 2-4 friends per month! Give your customers an app they can use to track their loyalty progress. Lookup customers by phone number, name, or customer number (barcode) and do away with those old cardboard punch cards. Drive sales by encouraging your best customers to visit more often and encourage those customers to refer their friends.

Gift CardsGiftCards

Bring in new customers by providing the ability to purchase and track gift cards. Use gift cards across multiple locations or a single site. Do away with the old (and difficult to control) hand written gift certificates and start processing gift cards through a point of sale solution. Bringing in new customers will always increase your revenue.

Save on Paper

Lower your costs by going paperless. Give your guests the ability to email themselves receipts. Do away with kitchen order and expo printers and do a display instead. Thermal paper, bonded paper and ribbons can add up and most people don’t care for a receipt these days anyways.

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